No Absentee Builder Here!

One of the biggest things we talk about at our educational homeowner seminars is the importance of choosing the right builder/remodeler for your project. A huge factor in the success of your project is finding someone who you are comfortable with, can trust, and who really cares about your project as if it were their own.

Since we started our business in 1996, that has been our focus - Building or remodeling each home as if it were our own!

Below you'll find a few photos of Bob Burnside, President of Fireside Home Construction out on some of our jobsites. As Bob likes to say: "Show me a job with an absentee builder and I will show you a mess!"

As a Fireside Home Construction client, you can rest assured that Bob and the entire Fireside Team will be hands on and active with delivering a project that you are thrilled with!

Bob also likes to say: "I may be there at 11AM or 11PM with a flashlight, but I darn sure know everything that is going on with my jobs!"

If you are looking for a builder who will care for your home and project as much as his own, please contact us and let's begin talking about you, your family, and your project needs.

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