"One of the original and most-honored green builders"

We recently came across another article (read it here) from back in 2007.

We wanted you as a visitor to our website to review the article as it points to our long history of building with energy efficiency in mind. An excerpt from the article below:

"[Bob] said his firm lays out the added costs to customers for green features, and then explains how they could pay off in the long run. While some upgrades, like geothermal heating, can tack on an extra $8,000 or more, others are common-sense practices that don't add cost.

'It's a matter of understanding proper techniques,' Burnside said. 'A lot of it's free - it's just a matter of paying attention to detail.'

...Still, Fireside remains one of the original and most-honored green builders, receiving awards from the National Association of Home Builders and Home Builders Association of Washtenaw County.

'The bottom line is we believe it,' Burnside said."

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