Progress from February 23, 2009 thru March 18, 2009

2/23/09-  Monday- Closed on the purchase of the property

2/24/09- Excavator on site and began excavation for the basement

2/25/09-  Completed excavation, installed the forms for the house and garage footings, poured the footings at 4PM.

2/26/09- Stripped the forms from the footings, laid out the basement on the footings and began erection of the Insulated Concrete Form basement blocks

2/26/09- Completed the form assembly and were ready to pour concrete.  Could not pour on Friday as it had rained too much to gain access with concrete trucks.

3/2/09- Monday-  We poured all the concrete into the ICF basement walls and straightened all walls for plumb and square

3/3/09-  We removed all the wall bracing, installed the mud sill plates on top of the foundation, installed the exterior basement water proofing dimple membrane and had the pea stone installed for the basement floor and to cover all the exterior footing drain tile.  We also installed all of the main floor ladder floor truss system.

3/4/09-  We installed the first floor deck sheathing with glue on 100% of the floor trusses and nailed all of the sheathing with 8D ring shank nails.  As the floor deck was going on, we began installing all of the 6" Structural Insulated (SIP) wall panels.  By end of day, all exterior main floor walls of this Ranch home were up and prepared for roof trusses tomorrow.

In 5 1/5 working days with 6 men we have come from an empty hole in the ground to a home ready to have the roof installed.  This is a great example of the efficiency of the ICF foundation and SIP systems.

3/5/09 -  We finished the 1st floor walls and set all of the roof trusses for the main house....ready for sheathing the roof

3/6/09-  We sheathed the roof with ½" OSB and roof clips and finished all the foundation water proofing and covered the roof with 15# felt to make it water tight....ready for shingles

3/7/09- Saturday.  With a crew of 3 today, we installed the drip edge and shingled the rear half of the roof.  The weather has been horrible, drizzle all today and ¾" of rain at least this weekend. The site is inaccessible by vehicle right now.  We also put scrap/ left over fiberglass and foam in the attic to use it rather than throwing it out.  This will lessen the amount of cellulose we have to use.  Recycling is good!

3/9/09 Spent the day wrapping the outside with Tyvec, finalizing basement water proofing and the start of interior framing.

3/10/09 Built the interior partition walls, leveled the basement floor for Styrofoam and installed the electric service to the house.

3/11/09 Miscellaneous framing and tidy up activities, mason installed concrete block for garage walls, garage walls pre built on the ground.

3/12/09 Completed all rough HVAC installation, installed all garage walls and roof trusses

3/13/09 Poured the basement floor, sheathed garage roof and tied garage roof into main house.

3/14/09 Saturday, built all basement/ walk out interior partitions

3/16/09- Monday - Back filled the garage, shingled garage roof, rough plumbing ½ done, HVAC trunk lines being installed

3/17/09 Completed rough plumbing, begin rough electrical, excavating walk out area, building front porch

3/18/09 Electrical continues,  framing crew moves on to Begin Hoffman remodel of 1950's ranch in Dexter.  Demolition first.


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