This builder's goal is more affordable green homes

We were going through some things last week and came across this article that we were featured in back in 2009. While it is now July 2011 - the theme and information still hold true!

The article is about Fireside Home Construction's goal of making 'green' homes more affordable. Here's a quote from the article and link to complete article from the Ann Arbor Business Review can be found here:

"...That's based on a 1,960-square-foot ranch house, including a finished basement and a two-car garage that would retail for $225,000, not including the lot, driveway, or well or septic system. I've been thinking for a couple of years I wanted to build smaller. Obviously, with the economy we wanted to build a smaller, affordable, yet super-efficient home, and we've been able to do that. We included the green things that people think are expensive but will end up being very affordable."

The home we are referring to in the article and pictured above is M&M's Little Ranch. Learn more about this home here.

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