Interest rates are at historic lows!

As this is being written, 30-year fixed rates are under 5% and 15-year rates are well below that number. Those are the lowest rates in the past 40 years. True, credit is tighter than it was five years ago, but that only affects those with marginal credit. The vast majority of home buyers will not be impacted by more stringent lending standards. Low mortgage rates, combined with the lowest land costs we’re ever likely to see, mean that right now you can build more house for the money than you will when the housing market recovers.

For years, we have worked closely with Todd Philpotts of 1st Place Bank up in Grand Blanc, MI. We have a lot of trust and respect for Todd - don't hesitate to give him a call to learn more about your mortgage and financing options: 810-444-0211.

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